Marine Dock

With over 26 years of experience Dock Marine have extended their range of docking systems. In 2010 we introduced the Aluminum Marine Dock System.


This product caters for a magnitude of applications ranging from small pleasure craft up to mega yachts and passenger ferries. With our in house design engineers endless options can become reality.


The Marine Dock system offers;


  • Private developments (marina and residential marinas)
  • Town Council, Municipalities (Public marinas, floating bridges)
  • Navy, Customs, law enforcement and Coast Guard (Docks for patrol craft)
  • Professional (Docks for ferrys, fishing trawlers, aqua culture establishments)
  • Sports and leisure associations (rowing docks and swimming platforms).


The purpose of the Marine Dock system is not only to provide a passage or boat parking space for yachts, but also to create social and active marina areas that serve yacht owners or their locations.


Marine Dock Components




Aluminum 6005 T6 main profile

ISO 3834-2 welding certificate

High quality

Different lifting capacities and optional freeboard height

Production according to the type of float used

Suitable for boats up to 45m with mega yacht profile

All kinds of yachts with fishing boats and ferries such as boats of different lengths and heights can be connected

Easy to install



Aluminium main profile 6005/T6

ISO 3834-2 Welding certificate

Accessories such as cleats can be added

Can be produced in Delta shape

Lifting capacity is 100 kg /m2 which can be increased by extra floaters.

Durable and easy to install




From 3 meters to 24 meters lenght gangways are used to allow passage from shore to pontoon. With its special designed frames allows for high capacity of static loads. Gangway body includes shore connection parts, ponton and shore transition plates with roller system.


Suitable for producing in required sizes,

Composite or wooden coatings on floors,

Lifting capacity of 200kg/m2 up to 6m and 400kg/m2 for 6 meter over,

Suitable for increasing lifting capacity upon demand,

Made of aluminum 6005 T6 main profile,

ISO 3834-2 welding certificate,




They are made of low density Polyethylene with UV resistanceand all have a light yellow colour.


Corne Fender: It prevents corners of pier to give damage on boat.

Lateral Fender: It protects boat and pier againts impacts with UV filter and flexibility.

D Fender: It decreases the crashing load of boats againts pier.

Flex Fender:It allows big sailboats and motor yachts to approach the pier



Pile Guide

Hea Braket and Roller

ECO Finger

Neomooring System

Chain Holder




3 tons cleats are suitable for yachts up to 15 meters

10 tons cleats are suitable for yachts up to 15-25 meters



Composit decking

Color option

Wood material decking available

Mounting with clips or rivets