Jetport Max



JET PORT MAX provides a safe haven for your Jet-Ski keeping it high, dry and away from the
aggressive marine environment. Heavy duty corrosion free rollers allow easy docking and
effortless launching for all PWC designs and will not scratch and scuff the jet ski’s hull.
A variety of installation options are available and can easly be installed on pillings, qual ways or
an existing floating dock.
●50cm wider that its little sister, the Jet Port® dock, it facilitates access to and movement around
the jet ski;
●It offers greater flotation (1340kg) to keep up with developments in machines;
●The sloping section of the dock is gentler, in a "V" shape;
●Jet Port Max ® is fitted with 14 side rollers, 8 of which are adjustable to suit all machines;
●The non-slip tread covers the entire length of the dock, right around the jet ski;
●Two integrated holes at the head of the dock letting you anchor to tubes without additional
●The bow is higher and removable

Dimensions: 3,86m x 1,96m x 38cm Weight: 205kg
Flotation: 1340kg Item ref.: RDS-01070
Materials: low-density polyethylene

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