RotoDock 2 mt x 3mt



Special rubber fittings allow the movement of the system under adverse weather conditions;
therefore they overcome the adverse weather conditions without damage systemunder adverse
weather conditions without damage to the product. The parts used in the product are corrosion
The parts used in the product are corrosion resistant.
Rotodock can respond to all applications on water. With its modular design and ease of use,
Rotodock offers installation possibilities ranging from personal use to commercial applications,
depending on the needs and the environmental conditions.
Rotodock, which is produced by rotation technology, has established itself as a preferred product
in the industry due to its AEST appearance and environmentally friendly features.
Each part of the Rotodock is self-floating and can be easily installed with a connector unit called a
coupler. You can create your own design with the Rotodock four different sizes are available.

• Polyvalent modular design
• Exceptional flotation and stability
• Easy to assemble
• Strength and flexibility
• Reduced maintenance
• Beige color
• Safe, slip-resistant surface
• Multiple anchoring options
• Complete range of gangways, handrails and accessories
• Eco-friendly

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